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Belize: A Top Honeymoon Destination That Is Still Affordable

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Amid the current travel climate, and in the aftermath of the two-year pandemic, countries across the globe have been battling with local inflation rates that have proved to be quite a pain for travelers. However, one honeymoon vacation destination that remains affordable for newlyweds is Belize, as recently highlighted by

The travel-friendly website highlighted the fact that as hotel rates continue to climb and airline prices have also shot up, Belize remains among 7 countries that remain affordable for honeymooners. The article noted that Belize which is located on the northeast coast of Central America has a wonderful mix of things to do on the sand and in the sea. Additionally, ”it is home to the second-largest barrier reef on the planet, so it is naturally known for world-renowned snorkeling and scuba diving. It’s rich with beautiful old ruins to explore and nature preserves and has several honeymoon-worthy resorts right on the water at affordable nightly prices.”

Why is Belize the ideal location for newlyweds?

Well as highlighted by, while Belize is a small country, it provides travelers with a mix of adventures and things to choose from. Couples who are on the cups of spending their lives together will find Belize as the perfect destination to work on compromising with each other and learning to accept each other’s preferences. Whether your partner has a preference for adventures and outdoors and you are more of a laidback, beach lover with a natural magnetic attraction to the ocean and the sea, then Belize offers a wide range of activities to choose from. Whether that be jungle adventures, scuba diving activities, exploring ancient Maya ruins, swimming at any of the crystal clear jungle waterfalls that dot the countryside, or even lounging on a private island, or inside a private beach cabana, the selection is too numerous to mention.

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How is that possible?

Being a small country, visitors usually find Belize quick to travel and easily navigatable. In just a couple of hours, you can find yourself hopping from the beach to the jungle, to a private island in no time. The main highways, which are dotted with signs and mile markers can point you in the right direction in no time. Not to mention the numerous human GPS that are only too happy to guide you to your destination with a smile, a nod, and a finger indicating where you should be going.

Good weather.

With temperatures consistently around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it warm but not unbearable, it is the perfect weather to travel around the country and marvel at its beauty and its people, culture, and lifestyle. Yearly Belize experiences two seasons which is the dry season which usually lasts from December to May and the green season which runs from June to November. Whichever one you prefer there sure is an activity to suit your need.

Host of activities to choose from.

While Belize is beautiful by nature, visitors are usually awed by the gold dripping sunsets and sunrises that are available from almost any location around the country. Whether you are in the deep hills, on any of the off-beaten paths, or on the beach, the sunrises and sunsets are always the best. Not to mention the beaches which boast varying hues of blue waters, white sandy beaches, and coconut and palm trees. Or the natural wilds of the thick rainforest covers that are home to the howler monkeys, jaguars, birds, and critters of several species. Simply put Belize is without a doubt an adventure waiting to happen.

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Anyone who has visited Belize will contest the fact that Belize offers visitors their privacy, something which continues to draw celebrities to many of the country’s private islands and resorts. Newlyweds looking for some seclusion and privacy can find that at any of the country’s oceanfront cabanas, or jungle resorts pride themselves on offering privacy to their guests.


Now to get down to the real topic at hand and the whole reason that Belize was highlighted by, it is because Belize is budget-friendly. With an exchange rate of USD $1 to $2 BZ, newlyweds who just spent thousands of dollars on that dream wedding will find that their money will stretch twice the amount in Belize. Not only that but a Belize vacation at any of the luxury resorts in the country are quite affordable.

English-speaking country.

To top it off, Belize is an English-speaking country, meaning that you will have no hassle trying to converse with the locals, your local chauffeur company, or tour guides. Chatting them up is as easy as 1,2, 3 and with a mixture of cultures, there are also various languages to test out your accent.

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