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Belize Is Hosting Its First “Music and Food” Festival This Weekend

Belize’s first International Music and Food Festival

The countdown to Belize’s first International Music and Food Festival, to be held in San Pedro Ambergris Caye has officially commenced, and with only a couple more days to go, the fully packed event is not only promising attendees a wide selection of musical performances, food galore but also an opportunity for them to immerse themselves in all things Belizean.

For that matter, organizers have decided that they will host the country’s first music and food fete as a two-day affair, starting on July 30th and ending on July 31st – giving attendees enough time to let loose, and recover. The event organizers have also planned to host the festival at The Hon Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex, also known as the Saca Chispas Field situated on the island.

Apart from providing enough space for the wide assortment of food and entertainment tents that will be erected, the venue provides open-air space for attendees, complemented with a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea.

Food Galore

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It is no secret that visitors to Belize have always been drawn by the mouth-watering local cuisine that the country has to offer. However, sampling all the local delicacies would usually require days of traveling around the country to the various districts to savor the various cultural dishes that they individually have to offer. The International Music and Food Festival is aimed at bringing together all this at the same venue to provide visitors with a diverse culinary landscape to choose from.

Four food pavilions will be pitched up on the grounds, one that offers the best of local cuisines that can be found in San Pedro, and the second will showcase favorite street food while the third will showcase the best dishes from renowned restaurants and culinary chefs from across the country. The last has been dubbed a cultural promenade that will feature dishes from Belize’s diverse ethnic groups.

Music Galore

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While food choices will not be a problem since there will be something for everyone, no shortage is expected in the entertainment section. While we are aware that the same beats will not work for everyone, the international music festival is packed with a wide selection of musical genres ranging from Reggae, Afro-Beats, Dancehall, Soca, Punta, and Latin. The musical line-up will feature 10 international artists, 2 international DJs, and a host of local artists and DJs.

Price Tag

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The best part about all this is that you can choose whether you want to attend the event on a budget or whether you want to live it up a little with one of the higher price tags. As with the others, there are price tags to match every budget ranging from general admission tickets that are available at USD 20 per day. High-end tickets range from USD 125 per day for individuals to cocktail tables for 4 which are available for USD 700 and a booth for 6 persons which is priced at USD 1,200 – all of which boast a front view of the entertainment stage.

Where to Stay?

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With the festival only a few days away, we are willing to bet a buck that hotel options on the island will be like finding a needle in a haystack, but don’t let that dampen your spirit but be an opportunity for you to experience inland Belize. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel situated on the banks of the meandering Macal River and just a short distance away from the twin towns is the ideal option to either get some much-needed rest ahead of the festival or unwind from all the activities after the festival. Whatever your decision might be, we urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to cash in on a Belize vacation package by booking your stay with us as you make history and witness Belize’s first music and food fete.

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel

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Known as an award-winning Belize resort and situated in the Cayo District, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel offers top-of-the-line accommodations and services. Our rooms are comfortable and as we have been told on numerous occasions, are even fitting of royalty. Complimented with a refreshing swimming pool, and onsite nature tours such as the Green Iguana Project, the San Ignacio Resort is an all-in-one package for travelers looking to escape in nature and paradise.

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