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Belize in September: The Most Fabulous Time to Head South!

september in belize

Does there come a time when you acknowledge the fact that summer was fun, relaxing, and perhaps even productive but the thought of fall’s approach is even more exciting? If you’re a savvy traveler and prefer to pursue your adventures after the kids have gone back to school and traditional holiday takers report back to work, there is no more idyllic season than fall, especially if you want to avoid crowds while taking advantage of the last vestiges of lower rates.

Maximize your pleasure by choosing a destination that won’t leave you exhausted after a long plane ride: Belize flights are short and sweet and depending upon your departure location, you can hitch a non-stop ride south with United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. Your timing is perfect. Airline flight availability and pricing is starting to drop so if you shop immediately, you can snag a deal.

Belize perks and picks

belize september vacations

While September showers are a fact of life in Central America, that won’t stop you from having the time of your life since the sun pops out as fast as those showers fall. The weather is delightful and with summer crowds gone, you won’t have to wait in queues to access the nation’s top tourism activities, perhaps the most fascinating of which are wildlife experiences. Whether you want to see Belize birds, big cats, manatees or other indigenous creatures in the wild or you prefer a zoo visit where multiple species reside, Belize never disappoints.

Not far from Belize’s zoo stands one of the nation’s most impressive archaeological wonders:  Xunantunich Maya Ruins. Filled with pyramids, temples, plazas, stele, and other architectural wonders, this site is but one of Belize’s 900 ruins, so if you’re fascinated by archaeology, your appetite for these amazing sites will be satisfied.

September holidays: more reasons to visit

belize in september

Belizeans love their holidays, and you will too. The Carnival Road March will kick off on September 9th and it’s guaranteed to delight all your senses. From colorful, over-the-top costuming, fabulous music, and opportunities to bust a few moves when it seems like all of Belize breaks into dance mode, patriotism takes center stage at two major events: St. George’s Caye Day and Independence Day.

St. Georges Caye Day celebrates one of the most tenacious military victories against Spanish invaders back in 1798. The battle lasted a week, culminating in success on September 10th. Invite yourself to all the festivities if you are in the country: fireworks, cultural events, and a party that is likely to set new jubilation standards! Less than two weeks later, Independence Day arrives on September 21st. Must you be in Belize on the 21st? Hardly! The nation is awash in festivities for the entire month so whether you come down early or later, plenty of excitement awaits you.

Where to stay in Belize?

where to stay in belize in september

The exotic San Ignacio Resort Hotel is just enough off the beaten track to offer guests an experience quite unlike those found elsewhere in Belize. A former luxury estate once frequented by high society and royalty, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is an elegant enclave of lush gardens, premier accommodations, gourmet dining, and onsite activities that include the most unique onsite experiences you’ll find in Belize.

Guest excursions and celebrations are handled by the resort’s dedicated tour desk, but if you’re visiting to unwind and renew your mind and body, you’ll find bliss and tranquility at this family-run hotel resort where awards and commendations fill walls and reviews are impressive.

Intimate, isolated, and awash in natural splendor, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is as close to paradise as it gets—in September or any other month of the year!

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