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Belize Hotel of the Year 2013

This year has been an amazing experience for the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Not only are we proud of our great success in winning the BTB’S  ‘Hotel of the Year 2012’ Award but SIRH is also grateful to know that we have the support of many, both inside and outside of our beautiful Belize. This has, in fact, been an exhilarating rollercoaster ride for the management and staff!

So what happened after the award? Well, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel won not only one but TWO additional awards from one of the world’s most prominent travel sites, Tripadvisor. Our Green Iguana Conservation Project and Running W Steakhouse have both received the Certificate of Excellence 2013 for their service, uniqueness, and great atmosphere.

As a celebration of this year’s blessings, the staff and management participated in a Staff Luncheon at the Bedran Hall to interact and have a good time together. The staff was recognized for their motivation and drive at SIRH while the owners of the Hotel, Bedran sisters— Mariam, Paulita, Nazle, and Terry— were presented with a beautiful surprise gift from the staff, a picture commemorating the Founders of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, their parents Mr. Escandar and Ms. Paulita Bedran. It was a truly emotional experience…our only fault was forgetting to stock up extra Kleenex. 

But it doesn’t stop here. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is already taking advantage of its prestigious titles given by BTB and Tripadvisor and is ready for future challenges and upcoming events for 2013. This is our year. 

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