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Discover the Heart of Belize: A Guide to Cultural Tours & Activities

Belize Guide to Cultural Tours & ActivitiesIf you have any interest in exploring the culture of another country, Belize is a strong contender. Despite being the second-smallest country within Central America, Belize is the home to Creoles, Mestizos, Maya, Garifuna, East Indians, German Mennonites, Lebanese, Chinese, and even expatriates from the United States and Canada. By vacationing in Belize, you have a fine opportunity to learn more about these cultures you may have never encountered before, especially the Maya who had a great deal of influence in Belize’s history before the Europeans came.

Belize Guide to Cultural Tours & Activities

If you want a good idea of the sort of cultural tourism you can participate in during your stay in Belize, consider these sorts of tours as just the tip of the iceberg.

Maya Experience

tortillas belize food

This sort of experience involves learning about the Maya people within a second-generation residence. There, you can join in the creation of corn tortillas, which are often a staple component of traditional Maya meals. After participating in lunch with the tortillas made by the visiting guests, you can make your own souvenir of the entire experience by firing up a handmade pot of your own creation.

A Tour of San Ignacio

san ignacio resort hotel tour

This is an entertaining and enlightening little tour that showcases many of the amazing and historic spots within San Ignacio, Belize. Learn about the town, the resort and some of the landmarks of the area like Hawksworth Bridge, the country’s only suspension bridge. Finish off the experience of learning with lunch at a local venue capped off with self-made chocolates from AJAW Chocolate & Crafts.

Birding Tour In Spanish Lookout

belize birding tour

If you love avian creatures, this tour is for you. Catch glimpses of plenty of lagoon birds and other tropical species local to Belize. Lunch with a dessert course is offered by Spanish Lookout, a Belizean Mennonite community. After the meal, get a better idea of how these people live, labor and contribute to Belize’s dairy and poultry industries.

Belize Guide to Cultural Tours & Activities

If any of these activities or tours sounds like something unique and worthwhile, know that San Ignacio Resort Hotel offers its guests all of the connections necessary to participate and reach those locales.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel is a stellar facility among Belize’s hotel industry and not only offers the above-mentioned types of tours but also offers expeditions to go hiking or exploring some of the many Maya ruins found throughout the country.

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