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Belize Adventures

Travel website Seven Suitcases decided to feature our beautiful Belize this January. The website is commonly used by expert travellers who enjoy taking a relaxing vacation with their children. Okay, maybe “relaxing” is not the word…let’s say fun-filling! 


The article interviewed earthy couple Alison Lee & Arran Bevis from Mountain Equestrian Trails located in the Maya Mountains, Cayo district. Seven Suitcases delved deeper into the various activities and places families can engage and visit during their Belize adventure experience. What a list that was! From horseback riding, to breathtaking waterfalls, to jungle adventures, to soaking up the sun at the Cayes, to exploring the Maya ruins, and of course, visiting San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s Green Iguana Conservation Project…Belize is a vacation destination like no other! 

Children, and adults alike, will definitely enjoy their Belize vacation. Read more about what Belize has to offer by clicking here!

Belize Adventures

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