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Barton Creek: the Belize Cave Tour that Never Disappoints

Barton Creek: the Belize Cave Tour that Never DisappointsDo idioms leave you scratching your head? Some of the most over-used ones are:

•Put your ducks in a row

•I had egg on my face

•Felt like a fish out of water

•It takes two to tango

•Let’s think out of the box!

The situation or circumstance triggering these utterances likely had nothing to do with ducks, eggs, or Latin dances, but when Susan told friends that she was heading for San Ignacio Town in Belize because she has always dreamed about cave exploration, one friend exclaimed, “You’ll be up a creek without a paddle!”

Happily, Susan knew better, having researched the objective of her journey: Barton Creek Cave where paddles are standard issue during breathtaking tours into one of Mother Nature’s most breathtaking sanctuaries in Belize. She also knew that the right resort makes every overseas getaway exceptional, which is Susan didn’t settle for just any resort in San Ignacio Town: She picked the San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

Barton Creek Tour BelizeThis elegant property offers onsite experiences that are exceptional and rarely found elsewhere in Belize. But of primary interest to Susan was the Barton Creek Cave experience, and when Susan learned that the hotel maintained its own onsite booking desk offering Cayo Gial Tours, she booked immediately!

Frequently named one of the world’s 9 most awesome caves

A Barton Creek expedition hosted by Cayo Gial Tours takes travelers to a magical kingdom that surpasses the most artfully crafted Disney attraction. Ancient caverns form an underworld that was sacred to Mayas centuries ago. Skeletal remains can still be spotted, but visitors say that the chambers themselves inspire the most awe.

The navigable river winding through ancient rocks is estimated to be 4.5 miles long. Visitors are treated to ledges filled with artifacts used for sacred ceremonies like sacrifices, fertility rites, rituals, and other ceremonial gatherings. Best of all, you’ll visit the cave in the company of a Cayo Gial tour guide who is as masterful at helping folks pilot their canoes as he is about the history and folklore associated with the cave itself.

San Ignacio Resort Belize

Book accommodations and your canoe at the same time

A visit to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel website tells you all you need to know about this lush, off-the-beaten-track enclave of jungle that surrounds a resort so elegant, generations of Britain’s royal family members have visited over time. Choose a Belize vacation package that meets your criteria, the star of which is likely to be that Barton Creek tour.

Wear something comfortable and expect to spend around 4 hours exploring the cave while being spellbound by natural rock formations, artifacts, bones, and reminders of people whose unshakeable faith between the Early Classic (200 to 600 CE) and Late Classic (600 to 900 CE) periods brought them to this sanctum sanctorum.

You’ll return to the resort in a state of elation having witnessed this long-awaited experience, so when you’re seated at the property’s restaurant that evening for dinner, don’t be surprised if you feel compelled to share your experience and photos with others—which is exactly what Susan did after posting “The tour of a lifetime!” on her social media platforms!

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