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Take a Belize Adventure Honeymoon: Start Married Life With a Bang
Take a Belize Adventure Honeymoon: Start Married Life With a Bang

If 2022 is the year you and the love of your life intend to go on the biggest adventure of your lives by getting married, what better way to keep the celebration going than by taking a Belize adventure honeymoon

Whether you are new to the world of travel packages that include accommodations, meals, and tours or you wouldn’t think of vacationing in any other manner, you might not have realized the importance of such arrangements in today’s ever-changing world. From reassurances that you’ll get everything, you need to have a splendid...

Come visit us at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel for a closer view of these lovable creatures!

What’s on your calendar for what remains of the summer? If you’re like a majority of people in North America, a vacation is likely to be near the top of your wish list, but if you’re not yet ready to travel due to already-scheduled work or family obligations, don't fret. Autumn is just around the corner. If you can get away from August through November, no destination surpasses Belize – for these 5 reasons and so many more!
Journalists at Slate.com felt less than enthusiastic about the month of August when they wrote “August: Let’s Get Rid of It,” a post that wound up in the publication’s archives! Citing reasons to remove August from calendars, editors agreed that August stands out for one major reason: It’s the only month that has no holiday on the books, so it’s up to travelers to make good use of August.

Picture yourself traveling back in time to around the year 750 B.C., and all of a sudden, you materialize right in the middle of an ancient Maya city. Gaining your senses, you gaze at your surroundings, becoming transfixed by the sophisticated architecture. Irrigation systems, hieroglyphics and jaw-dropping, temples surround you! You're dazed by the enormous ancient civilization. But, then, you're awakened by a ritual procession, walking towards a fiery pit dedicated to demigods.

Don’t be fooled by the blues… this cheerful bird has the looks and personality to match!
Our national identity for the world to see

A Blue-Crowned Motmot is a rare sight in Belize...don't pass up an opportunity to learn more about them!

Hudut and Sere are two delicious Garifuna dishes that go perfectly together! Check out this recipe from Taste of Belize in LA.

Spider Monkeys are among the most intelligent - it’s no wonder they can be so enjoyable to watch!