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American Airlines Introduces New Flights from UK to Belize

Travel airline American Airlines announced this July that it will be introducing a new flight schedule from the United Kingdom to Belize. Launching on November 4, 2016 in line with Belize’s touristic high season, this addition to the AA catalog eliminates the inconvenience of an overnight interconnecting flight in either the United States or Mexico. This new offering makes afternoon flights available; departing from the London Heathrow airport with a connecting flight in Miami in direction to Belize, vice versa.

New Flights to Belize from UK

The schedule for London-Belize will function four days a week on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday while the Belize-London flights will operate daily; both of these will be available all year round. This new offering will be part of American Airlines directory which already includes Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Miami.

Due to Belize’s increasing popularity over the past couple of years as a top touristic destination in Central America, AA’s decision allows individuals from the United Kingdom to enjoy a Belize vacation package much easier! See you soon!

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