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A recap of some of this year’s events!

This year was definitely one to remember and cherish at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel and Belize. We have met a variety of people from close and faraway places, experienced beautiful engagements, gained recognition locally and internationally, and so much more! This is why we have decided to end this year's blog posts with a recap of a few wondrous events that took place in 2013…in case you missed it!

  1. Staff Family Day: At San Ignacio Resort Hotel, we're a big happy family! Therefore, the Resort decided to treat our team members with a special day full of games and activities, BBQ, and drinks alongside their own families. We value family-oriented experiences and thought this was a GREAT way to start off the year. It was a magnificent day!
    San Ignacio Resort Hotel
  2. Belize Tourism Board Hotel of the Year award 2012: Of course we had to mention this major achievement! On May18th, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel was recognized nationally for providing unsurpassed levels of service and hospitality, a unique Belizean 'feel', and remaining true to its core values—those created by its Founders, Mr & Mrs. Escandar and Paulita Bedran.
    San Ignacio Resort Hotel
  3. Weddings and Romance. Definitely our favourite events to host! This year we hosted a myriad of weddings at our Resort, and all of them were equally as unique and special. It was amazing being part of such lovely events and we are looking forward to the upcoming ones!
    Belize Weddings
    Belize Weddings
  4. Zumba Zumba Zumba. To encourage our employees and guests to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the Resort introduced Zumba classes in the evenings. It was a great way to stay fit in a very much entertaining and fun environment by dancing calories away with this spicy form of exercise!
  5. Eighth Wonder of the World. On a contest introduced by travel-oriented website, Virtual Tourist, Belize's magnificent Blue Hole ranked number 8 out of 300 nominations submitted. The list is a compilation of places to visit around the world based on history, beauty, and uniqueness. It was a great experience seeing Belize in such a distinctive list!
    San Ignacio Resort Hotel
  6. Romantic Destination Media Group. On July, we had the pleasure of hosting a group of writers from the United States who were travelling through Belize on the quest of romantic destinations. This fun group stayed with us for a few nights and of course, we got to know them pretty good around the Hotel. They visited our Green Iguana Conservation Project, medicinal trails, Crested Caracara, Pine Ridge, and many other places to get a 'real feel' of how romantic Belize can be.
  7. Belize Travel & Tradeshow, FL. In an attempt to increase Belize's awareness internationally, the Belize Diaspora Network took the opportunity to promote our Jewel in Florida. During this weekend-long convention, businesses showcased their products and services and presented a variety of reasons why Belize is unique and incredibly irresistible!
    San Ignacio Resort Hotel
  8. Howler Monkey sighting! Yes! We added another member to the list of animals that can be spotted around the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. In early September we had our first Howler Monkey sighting at the hotel. A guest told us he heard a Howler Monkey just right outside the Spa Suite—a never-before-encountered species on our Hotel grounds. A week later, we were able to snap a picture of this wonderful, and loud, animal. Welcome to the family Howler daddy!
    Belize Tours San Ignacio Hotel
  9. New Mexico State University Documentary. An eventful week with NMSU students who were travelling with a mission…to develop informative documentaries and portray Belizean lifestyle. The students did a couple shots at our Green Iguana Conservation Project and captured its essence.
  10. Tripadvisor. A good year for the Resort Hotel and Belize! The Resort was awarded with two certificates of excellence: one for our Running W Steakhouse and another for our Green Iguana Conservation Project. Hooray! Additionally, our Belize Maya Ruins also had a home-run by ranking 3 spots in Tripadvisor's Top Ten Landmarks in Central America. Cool stuff.
    Belize Mayan Ruin
  11. Our guests. This is a special one. It has been a delight to have gotten to meet all of you and we appreciate you for choosing San Ignacio Resort Hotel for your Belize experience. Our management and team members would like to say THANK YOU and happy holidays! May we meet again in the future
  12. Renovations at San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Ah yes, big things are currently happening at San Ignacio Resort Hotel! After our Hotel of the Year award, we decided that it was the perfect time to make our Resort bigger and brighter to enhance your personal experience during your next visit to Belize. These news changes will sure to impress…we will keep you posted with the progress!
    San Ignacio Resort Hotel
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