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8 Must Do’s in Downtown San Ignacio, Cayo

Lorenzo Gonzalez, a Belizean blogger, wrote on his Belize adventure blog 8 Must Do's in Downtown San Ignacio, Cayo and The Green Iguana Conservation Project at San Ignacio Resort Hotel made the list! 

Here's what Lorenzo wrote about the Green Iguana Conservation Project: 

“Have you ever heard the term ‘Bamboo Chicken’? In Belize the Green Iguana is prized as a special treat during specific months and this has lead to its endangerment. As a result, the government and private sector have invested in making sure this unique specie is protected via educational awareness and conservation efforts. By visiting the interesting Green Iguana hatchery at the San Ignacio Resort you can witness the different life cycle of this creature and also contribute to the continuation of the protection of this reptile.
Insider’s Tip: Also found on-site is a short rainforest medicinal trail.”

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