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1st Annual Thanksgiving Bird Count

As the sun rose on the cool morning of November 24, 2012, San Ignacio Resort Hotel hosted its very first annual Thanksgiving Bird Count. It was a great experience to see so many birding enthusiasts come together and enjoy a serene morning of nature’s sights and sounds of the jungle trails of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

Among the enthusiast were Mr. Lenney Gentle, Mr. Albert Alvarez, Mr. Francisco Reymundo, Ms. Josie Harding, Birds without Borders (Mr. Stevan Reneau, Mr. Wilber Martinez, and Mr. Reynold Cal), Crested Caracara Team (Mr. Victor Gamez and Mr. Emil Gamez), Mountain Equestrian Trails (MET) (Marguerite Bevis and Jim Bevis) and San Ignacio Resort Hotel team (Mrs. Mariam Roberson, Mr. Danny Chung, Mr. Cruz Cambranes, Ms. Melissa Teul, Ms. Finoa Rudon, Mr. Eddy Estrada, and Mr. Humberto Requena). 

It was a wonderful day of birding leading up to a total bird count of 85 different species of birds in just a few hours! We are sure that it was an experience that everyone will cherish! Happy Birding!

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