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1994 Royal Visit Video and Press Release



This week, His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David, or as he is most commonly referred to, “Prince Harry”, will make his first official visit to Belize. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel takes this opportunity to join all Belizeans in welcoming Prince Harry to the country. We are confident that his brief time with us will be filled with authentic Belizean hospitality.


Prince Harry and other members of the royal family are visiting a number of Commonwealth countries as part of the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth the Second. During her sixty years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth has visited Belize twice: in October, 1985 and again in February, 1994. During her 1994 visit Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, were guests of honour at a luncheon hosted at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. To commemorate that occasion, we have put together a DVD highlighting our treasured memories of our time with the royals.


Watch the San Ignacio Hotel 1994 Royal Visit video here:



Framed photographs of her Majesty during her visit to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel have also been put on permanent display.


And as the Queen celebrates her diamond jubilee, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is also celebrating its thirty-fifth anniversary of service to Belize. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel was built in 1976 by Escandar and Paulita Bedran with a humble mission: “to create a place for the people of San Ignacio…a spot where local residents could come to relax and have fun at a reasonable price.” Under the leadership of the Bedran sisters—Mariam Bedran Roberson, Paulita Bedran Figueroa, Terry Bedran Carter and Nazle Bedran Kuylen—the hotel made significant reinvestments to create “a new era of luxury”. Since then, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has received numerous accolades for its world class amenities, impeccable service and top rated accommodations.  


Commemorative DVD cover:


DVD cover


For more information about the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, please email us at; or call 824 2034 or 824-2125. Our US toll free number is 855-488-2624.

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