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Fodor’s Travel – 14 Ways to See Wildlife in Belize

Belize is home to some of the most amazing wildlife on Earth, from jaguars to tapir to crocodiles. Here’s how to see them in person.


While Belize boasts a vast amount of wildlife, extra efforts are always taken to protect them countrywide. Still, locals and visitors can take a walk on the wild side and mingle with them without disturbing their home (or peace). What gorgeous animals can you see in Belize? Fodor’s Travel has republished an article on 13 Ways to See Wildlife in Belize— plus one! If you’re an animal lover and an adventurer, this is the place for you!


belize wildlife


The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is the proud home to the Green Iguana Conservation Project which aims to conserve and look after the threatened green iguanas in Belize. Check out our feature on the Fodor’s Travel article– visit the project to “cuddle with the iguanas.”


See pdf version here.

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