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10 Ways to Rediscover What’s Essential in Belize

If you’re a wordsmith, you use the word essential often. After all, it describes something that is “absolutely necessary and extremely important,” according to Oxford dictionary scholars. Can you use the words essential and Belize in the same sentence? Count on it. Whether you’re returning or you’ve just designated a Belize vacation “absolutely necessary and extremely important,” do what you can to check off everything on the following list so you return home satisfied that you have experienced the heart of this nation. Belize Barrier Reef 1. Venture out to the Belize Barrier Reef, an iconic stretch of coral that can be spotted from outer space that’s teeming with marine life. As the second-longest reef on the planet, make it your headquarters for scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, or any other aquatic sport that suits your fancy. Belize Flora and Fauna 2. Flower sniffing in Belize is a little-known activity that triggers all sorts of mental health benefits derived from colors and scents that have been proven to boost one’s mood and relieve stress. There are more than 4,000 native flowering plants in this nation. Make it a long Belize vacation if you want to sniff them all. Belize Waterfalls 3. Can you achieve bliss by roaming among the flowers? Not exactly; but waterfalls are transformative. Tucked into the nation’s topography are the most picturesque, dramatic waterfalls on Earth. Visit Big Rock, Antelope, Tiger Fern, Thousand-foot, Butterfly, Rio Blanco, and Cristo Rey Falls. Each is unique and life-affirming. Belize Maya Ruins 4. Want to be humbled during your Belize visit? Stand at the foot of ancient Maya cities. There are 900 in Belize, some of which are so huge and dramatic, you could devote days to touring temples, ballparks, and architectural wonders. If time allows, add Maya ceremonial caves to your must-see list. Belize Zip Lining 5. How about skimming across a forest canopy tethered to a safety harness during a pulse-raising zipline experience? If you’ve been threatening to try this daredevil ride but haven’t managed to do it thus far, rest assured you’ll never forget a second of this wild ride over Belize’s Eden-like typography. Belize Beaches 6. Belize has the highest rated beaches in Central America say travel writers and critics whose job it is to report accurately. Expect endless stretches of sand kissed by rolling surf that are pristine, quiet, and restorative. If you abhor beaches so filled with humanity there’s no room for your blanket, you need Belize beaches more than most. Belize Whale Sharks 7. Talk to the animals in Belize. Some will talk back. Home to Howler monkeys who love conversing with tourists, Belize is the place to visit if you need to scream back. The nation’s amazing wildlife mix is so diverse, you could encounter up to 590 species of birds co-existing in some manner of harmony with snakes, butterflies, tapirs, turtles, manatees, whale sharks, and jaguars. Belize Luxury Resort 8. Sojourn in the lap of luxury without spending a fortune. Living large is an everyday occurrence at The San Ignacio Resort Hotel where the atmosphere, service, amenities, and more are impeccable. Take the property’s 360-degree tours to see what awaits you. Belize People 9. Can anything be more essential than communication? The ability to converse in English is worth its weight in gold, especially when visiting a foreign land where questions arise on the hour and no translation guide or app can convey the true meaning of your words. As the only English-speaking nation in Central America, even your brain gets a rest in Belize. Best Place to stay in Belize 10. Take only the vacation you crave. Who wants to pay for tours you’ve no interest in, meals that are not to your liking, or spending half your time trying to convert currency when you just want to relax? Check into Belize’s San Ignacio Resort Hotel and put yourself into the comforting hands of staff who know a thing or two about how to treat visitors from abroad. When it’s essential that you get the vacation you desire, why settle for less?


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