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Tips for Gay and Lesbian Travelers in Belize

Tips for Gay and Lesbian Travelers in Belize

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It’s getting easier for LGBTQ travelers to find destinations that are becoming more tolerant of folks in these relationships, according to Amy Adamczyk writing for BBC News. Adamczyk links the uptick in acceptance rates to three major factors: Economic development, democracy, and religion.

How does democracy play a role? In democracies, principles like equality and fairness drive societal behaviors and as a result, people sometimes seen as different—like gay and lesbian couples–are enjoying more acceptance every day. While Belize remains a conservative nation, that doesn’t mean that LGBTQ tourists aren’t welcomed with open arms. After all, Belize is home to a diverse populace that’s been around for centuries.

Will you find a huge presence of hot spots catering to members of the LGBTQ community? Not really—but that doesn’t mean people of all lifestyles and beliefs won’t find places eager to make a sojourn so blissful, Belize tops their “most-favored nation” list. Seek elegance and friendliness? Choose the San Ignacio Resort Hotel as your base and expect a welcoming reception the moment you check in to your lovely digs.

A primer on Belize etiquette

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Given the fact that Belize has deep and diverse religious roots, all forms of public displays of affection are frowned upon, including those of straight people, so respect the sensibilities of others when you roam around the grounds of this gracious property. Limit your expressions of affection for each other to private spaces, found in abundance throughout this 17-acre boutique property situated within a jungle atop the Macal River and in the shadow of the magnificent Maya Mountains.

While Belize does not recognize same-sex marriage, that won’t impact your vacation. Just be your authentic self and you’ll find the quintessential tropical getaway throughout the year, especially if you visit during the “dry season” between November and mid-May to escape harsh weather and leave all of your cares and obligations behind.

Choose your favorite diversions during your stay

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If you two seek variety—and especially if you crave excitement—find plenty of it on the San Ignacio Resort Hotel tour menu, courtesy of Cayo Gial Tours. This resource is your conduit to tours that could take your breath away in terms of their diversity. Bird watch, repel down into caves, wander ancient Maya ruins and overcome your doubts by taking the zipline adventure you keep promising to try! Onsite attractions are especially fabulous because they offer every guest an authentic Belize immersion you won’t find elsewhere.

Treat yourselves to a Maya fish cooking adventure, learn more about copal cleansing, take the tea-tasting medicinal tour, wander the grounds after dark to meet up the some of the area’s most exotic wildlife, and find out why the Green Iguana Conservation Project installation is ranked as Belize’s #1 attraction. Best of all, be respectful of the people you meet, and your holiday is likely to exceed all your wildest expectations, especially since you’re sharing it with the person you love most!