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Zumba, Zumba, Zumba!

Working-out can often seem like a strenuous chore, can it? Not again! Forget about those boring workouts and Zumba your way into that bod you’ve always wanted. This Latin-inspired workout will give you a good sweat while you dance your calories away!


This exhilarating workout combines aerobics and dance elements in a hip-hop/cumbia/mambo/soca/martial arts/merengue/salsa/samba (phew…!) and many other dance types into a fun and exciting session that will make you “lose yourself in the music”. Don’t fret if you are not quite the dancer…it will still be an enjoyable experience. If you can’t keep up then just keep swaying and moving your arms and legs, jump around if you have to. You’ll get it eventually 😉

Zumba differs from other workouts because it mixes cardio intervals with resistance training— sculpting your body with slow and fast movements. But there are many variations of Zumba that cater to different preferences and age groups; for example, there’s Zumba Gold which is directed to the senior crowd and Zumbatomic which caters to children and preteens, amongst others.

This exercise is definitely a fun experience that you get to enjoy with everyone around you. And hey, next time you hit the clubs you can probably use some of the dance moves. Well, maybe not the martial arts one! Ouch.

Sounds like something you would like to do? Then come join us at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel Monday through Thursday at 6:00pm for a Zumbalicious workout session!

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