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A Green Getaway: Celebrating World Environment Day at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

world environment day

As the first rays of sun reach over the lush, sprawling canopy of San Ignacio Town in western Belize, the chorus of the rainforest awakens. The humming of insects, the exotic calls of bird species, the rustling of leaves in the ever-present breeze – it’s the harmonious symphony of nature that underlines the significance of the day at hand: World Environment Day. At the heart of this celebration is the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, an oasis of environmental consciousness and eco-friendly hospitality right in the heart of the town.

Dubbed “The Only Jungle in Town,” this splendid resort is nestled amidst 17 acres of pristine rainforest, making it an ideal location for those seeking to connect with nature while enjoying the comfort of modern amenities. San Ignacio Resort Hotel goes beyond mere location; its commitment to preserving Belize’s rich natural heritage sets it apart as an eco-tourism destination par excellence.

Embracing Environmental Stewardship: The Green Iguana Conservation Project and Beyond

The crown jewel of the resort’s conservation efforts is the Green Iguana Conservation Project, an initiative dedicated to preserving the endangered Green Iguana. Guests are not only invited to gain insight into the fascinating world of these creatures, but they also have the unique opportunity to observe them up close in a safe and controlled environment. World Environment Day at the resort presents a special spotlight on these charming reptiles, highlighting their critical role in maintaining the ecosystem and the urgent need for their conservation.

Culinary Delights and Culture: The Green Side of Dining and Exploration

A Helpful Guide to Responsible Travel in Belize

Equally notable is the resort’s commitment to supporting the local community and economy. The on-site restaurant, the Running W Restaurant, is a testament to this. A culinary delight, this fine-dining venue is renowned for its unique fusion of international cuisine with a Belizean twist. On World Environment Day, special emphasis is given to the restaurant’s practice of sourcing fresh, local produce from nearby farms. This commitment not only reduces the restaurant’s carbon footprint but also contributes to local economic growth. It’s farm-to-table dining at its finest, serving plates as pleasing to the palate as they are to the planet.

Beyond dining, the resort offers a multitude of nature-oriented tours that allow guests to immerse themselves in the vibrant life of the rainforest. Bird watchers will revel in the bird-watching tours, with over 100 different species making their home in the surrounding jungle. Meanwhile, the Tea Tasting and Copal Tour is a treat for the senses, allowing guests to explore the local flora and learn about the traditional uses of various plants in Maya culture.

For those interested in diving deeper into local traditions, the Maya Fish Cooking Experience is not to be missed. This tour offers an exclusive insight into the traditional Maya way of life. Learn how to prepare and cook fish the Maya way, all while being surrounded by the gorgeous backdrop of the Belize rainforest.


San Ignacio Resort Hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a place to experience, learn, and contribute to the conservation of our precious environment. This World Environment Day, come celebrate the beauty of the natural world and explore how every one of us can play a part in its preservation. Because in San Ignacio, every day is Environment Day.

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