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Wanderlust in Belize Part 1

Wanderlust (n): a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.


Many of us are able to perfectly connect with this word. We want to see, touch, and feel things we have never experienced before during a vacation getaway. Although the idea of wanderlust looks at the whole picture altogether, we strongly believe our Jewel is able to satisfy this feeling.


Take a look at these Belizean wonders that are sure to spark the wanderlust vibe within!

    1. Hopkins

    Sunset at Hopkins Village Belize
    Hopkins Village

    2. Rio On Pools

    Rio On Pools

    3. Rio Frio Cave

    Rio Frio Cave Belize
    Rio Frio Cave

    4. Mountain Pine Ridge

    Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve

    5. Xunantunich Maya Ruin

    Xunantunich Maya Ruin
    Photo courtesy of John Waight

    Xunantunich Ruins Belize
    Photo courtesy of Leonardo Melendez Photography

    6. Caracol Maya Ruin

    Panorama of Caracol Mayan Ruins

    7. Macal River

    San Ignacio Town


    8. San Ignacio Resort Hotel

    San Ignacio Resort Hotel
    San Ignacio Resort Hotel

While you're in a Belize vacation getaway, remember this: our Jewel is filled with many places and sights that'll take your breath away! Stay tuned for Part II… there's much more to see!

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