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10 Reasons Why Canadians Should Travel to Belize This Winter!

Belize VacationsThere’s a reason Canada geese leave the country when autumn ends: They’re smart enough to conclude that winters are better spent where the water isn’t frozen, one must bundle up to walk to the mailbox, and days of shortened sunlight do nothing for one’s moods. Where to go? Canadians starved for sun are flying over the U.S. and Mexico to a destination fast becoming the nation’s go-to holiday mecca: Belize.

Here’s why:

1. Every visitor gets the vacation they prefer. Active folks can zip-line over jungle canopies, repel into caves, climb Maya sites and explore rain forests while couch potatoes are as happy to sojourn on Central America’s best beaches. Belize All Inclusive 2. Belize is water sports nirvana. You can dive, snorkel, fish, and sail nonstop during your stay where the Belize Barrier Reef, atolls, islands and beaches known for hosting aquatic activities that are so limitless, you won’t know which gear to grab first!

3. Wildlife sanctuaries abound. Visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Mayflower Bocawina National Park to see the biggest concentrations of wildlife, but you’ll run into animals in the wild everywhere you go.

4. Belize is an epicenter of raw, natural beauty. Forests and jungles bring Eden to mind. Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular. From effusive waterfalls to rainbow-colored reef fish, even the color of the Caribbean is bluer! Belize Vacation Packages 5. Belize qualifies as Central America’s biggest melting pot. Ethnic groups calling Belize home include folks with Creole, East Indian, Garifuna, Maya, Mestizo, Mennonite, Chinese, Spanish and Lebanese roots, and they all speak English.

6. Choose your vibe. From the Ambergris Caye party scene to towns and villages filled with charm, Canadian visitors find in Placencia, San Ignacio, San Pedro, Hopkins, Dangriga, Corozal, Orange Walk, or Belize City the ideal vacation environment they seek.

7. Canadians living in Manitoba and Saskatchewan where crime rates are high are often surprised to learn that Belize has less crime than either region. Visitors using their common sense swear they feel perfectly safe during their Belize holidays. Belize 8. There are 900 Maya sites and each has a unique personality. Some are small; others imposing. Trek to magnificent cities and into underground caves, digs that are just being excavated, and world-famous sites that draw visitors from around the world.

9. Belizean cuisine is a gift to the taste buds. Ethnic cooking styles are so diverse and tantalizing, you could stay for weeks and not run out of new foods to sample. All Inclusive Belize 10. Prefer a crowd-free holiday? Belize is one of the best-kept vacation secrets in Central America, so it’s an ideal place to de-stress, relax and sample paradise. The South is Calling, Frozen Canadians!

Beginning in November, Canadians can book direct flights to Belize on WestJet and Air Canada has resumed service to the nation, too. Use a consolidator like to find good prices before visiting the elegant San Ignacio Resort Hotel website to book a stay. Save money by availing yourself of the current specials offered by our opulent resort and start packing. You will be the envy of your block when your taxi arrives to take you to the airport while onlooking neighbors snowplow their driveways.

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