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Top Three Romance Travel Trends for 2018

& how to experience these with San Ignacio Resort Hotel


Fall in love. Join in love. & Celebrate your love! 


Travelling with your significant other to faraway places does not have happen only when a special occasion is coming up. This year, travelling with a passion is back in style. According to an article published by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, there’s three romantic movements that are garnering the attention of many lovebirds: “The Do-Good Honeymoon”, “The Green Honeymoon” and “The Foodiemoon”.


Here’s a rundown of each one of these top travel trends and how you can experience them with our Belize luxury hotel.


“The Do-Good Honeymoon”
Be good, do good. It’s all about engaging with the communities. Couples are now looking for experiences that empowers them to make meaningful changes by spreading the love with others through good deeds and noble causes. Some of these worthy initiatives include supporting local businesses, getting involved in charitable work, visiting a school, and even donating to organizations.


How can you experience this with San Ignacio Resort Hotel?


Get immersed in a Belize cultural tour with the Maya Women’s Cooperative in San Antonio Village. Ms. Josefina, the owner of the business, started this venture many years ago as a way of preserving and showcasing her culture. Here, you will learn about the predominance of corn in the Maya diet and get a little work out as you grind corn kernels and make your own tortilla. While your Maya-based lunch is cooking up on the old-fashioned stove, you will also have the opportunity to get crafty and learn how to do ceramic pottery that you can take home as a souvenir.


belize cultural tours
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Another way great to support a local business is having a farm-to-the-table romantic dinner at one of San Ignacio’s top 10 restaurants, Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant. Our restaurant features grass-fed beef from the family’s cattle ranch and local produce from the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market. Nothing feels as pleasant as enjoying a delicious entrée knowing that every bite supports a local initiative.


san ignacio belize restaurant

“The Green Honeymoon”
Get wild. Think nature, adventure, and pampering all in one package. This “moon” trend focuses staying with companies who are environmentally conscious and also connecting with the Mother Nature through sustainably friendly means.

How can you experience this with San Ignacio Resort Hotel?


Simply by staying a couple of nights with us! Although we’re located in the middle of the charming San Ignacio Town, the Resort also boasts 17-acres of private estate—making it perfect for a secluded escapade for a variety of natural activities.


Our Belize luxury hotel boasts the Green Iguana Conservation Project on-site, an interactive and educational exhibit which aims to breed, hatch, and release Green Iguanas. The Project’s entry fee supports the exhibit and also local secondary/tertiary scholarships for children in the area. Similarly located within grounds, the Medicinal Trail is a Belize jungle tour that takes you through a guided walk through our backyard. This lush tropical forest is home to many plants and trees that have healing properties for various sicknesses and diseases. Throughout this walk, our experienced guide will provide you with an overview of how the ancient Maya used their surroundings as natural remedies.


green iguana conservation project


But the fun doesn’t stop there— San Ignacio Resort Hotel is home to over 110 bird specie! Start your morning with a “dining with the birds” experience from our Restaurant’s balcony where you will be able to spot a variety of birds foraging for food or, delve deeper into the wild for an extensive Early Morning Birdwatching tour.


belize birdwatching tour

“The Foodiemoon”
There’s no dispute about the chemistry between food and love. Yes, travelers are now planning their sprees based on where they will eat next—a destination where they can literally taste the culture and local delicacies. Foodiemoon embraces a private dinner in an incredible location, local fare, and chef encounters, all with the goal of acquiring a memorable culinary experience.


How can you experience this with San Ignacio Resort Hotel?


The Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant features international cuisine and the best of Belizean flavours. Some of these local specialties include fry jacks, johnny cakes, salbutes, and Cayo Bollos. Looking for something more exclusive? Some of the items in our menu are made straight from the Family Recipe Book!


Or, keep the romance flowing and have a private dinner at a location of your choice — your suite, our small private garden, or on the Restaurant balcony (tip: ask for Balcony 4). Our Belize luxury restaurant offers lively specials such as Steak Your Claim Grill Night featuring Belize’s Grill Master, Tre Roberson from Barn & Grill…who also happens to be one of the owner’s son!


belize luxury restaurant


During the day you can also indulge in some chocolate making with AJAW Chocolate & Crafts. The owners, originally from the Toledo District, are proud Maya descendants and will teach you about the cacao growing process, making, and indulging!


maya chocolate making tour


So, don’t wait up for the honey- or baby- moon to travel for romance—there’s plenty of love to go around with San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

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