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Top 8 Things You Don’t Need in Belize

  1. Spanish
  2. English Spanish Dictionary

    Although we're in Central America and situated amongst Spanish-speaking countries, the official language of Belize is English. Knowing Spanish is a plus (it's the second official language) but not necessary to get around. Other languages spoken in our diverse culture also include Kriol, Carib, Maya, Garifuna, German, Hindi, and Mandarin. So, no need to have a translator or dictionary to find your way to the bathroom or ask for another round of beer.

  3. A million pair of shoes
  4. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

    A common mistake, especially for the ladies! Belize is pretty laid back so there's really no need to bring a whole suitcase full of shoes. All you need is a pair of sandals for the Cayes, tennis/trekking for inland jungle adventures and hiking activities, and a pair of water shoes if desired. No shoes, no shirt, NO PROBLEM!

  5. Exchange US currency
  6. Currency Exchange

    Even though Belize has it's own currency, the Belizean dollar, US dollars are widely accepted throughout the country. The exchange rate is 2 to 1, $1.00 USD is equivalent to $2.00 BZD. Easy travel.

  7. Worry about making friends
  8. Garifuna

    Belizeans are known to be super friendly and willing to help, not only that…according to the Happy Index, we're ranked as some of the happiest people in the world! If you're travelling on your own, no worries my friend, it won't last too long!

  9. Choose between an island or inland vacation
  10. San Ignacio Pool

    If you want to enjoy inland luxury and coastal comfort you can easily do so in our Jewel. Travel times are minimal if you're going by land or air. For example, if you're vacationing in San Ignacio, Belize you can get to Hopkins in two and a half hours, to San Pedro in four and half hours, and Caye Caulker in about four hours. Mind you, these times are by land/sea transfers so travel time by air will be much shorter and direct.

  11. Snacks
  12. Fruits in Belize

    Belize grocery stores (aka “chiney shops”) offer a variety of snacks that you would usually find abroad. Safe to say, you probably won't be looking for these once you try the local chips & dip, cotobrute, fudge, wangla, cocoyole, pepitos, genuine chocolate, and natural fruits!

  13. Heavy clothing
  14. Suitcase Packed

    Belize's rainy season is from June to November and temperatures have an average of 81°F. With that said, you don't necessarily need to bring heavy clothing but a raincoat and a pair of jeans are recommended just in case.

  15. Worries
  16. Girls Sitting on Balcony at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

    Last but definitely not least, leave all your worries behind! Once you set foot in our Jewel, be prepared to have the most amazing experience of your life. Like most Belizeans would say “nuh hot yuh head!” and enjoy your Belize vacation getaway!

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