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Escape the Winter Chill: 8 Must-Do Activities in Belize to Brighten Your Spirits

Holchan Marine Reserve

1. Dive into tropical blue waters on the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Experience a magical, refreshing up-close swim along a variety marine animals and feast your eyes on beautiful coral reef formations like none other.

Belize Maya Ruins

2. Visit the Belize Maya ruins. Commonly found throughout the country, the Belize Maya ruins are an amazing way to experience breathtaking sights, history, and culture all in one package!

3. Relax and enjoy the Belize village life. Sip a piña colada on a small-scale beach, swing on a hammock while listening to some cultural Garifuna drumming in Hopkins Village.

Mountain Pine Ridge

4. Enjoy Belize nature. Our Jewel is the perfect spot for those who love spending sunny days outdoors—from a Belize fishing vacation where you’ll find Mahi Mahi and Wahoos to a camping trip on the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve where you’ll find countless birds.

Belize Zoo 5. Visit the Belize Zoo because animals can cure ALL kinds of blues!  The Belize Zoo provides a home for animals that have been donated by other zoos, orphaned, bred in captivity, or injured. When possible they are released back into the wild however our zoo just might be a much happier place!

Fry jacks

6. Belizean food. Our varied cultural dishes like Fry Jacks, Sere fish soup, and the coconut-based Belizean Rice & Beans are bound to become your ultimate comfort food.

Belize Caves

7.Caves and tubing.  Experience the underworld of the Maya civilization while you float on the river for an amazing caving experience.

San Ignacio Belize Vacation

8. Spend a day at San Ignacio Resort Hotel Visit the Green Iguana Conservation project or chop it up with our AMAZING team as you sip a Signature Cocktail by the pool and enjoy the Belize Breeze! You’re sure to forget all about the frozen vortex and enjoy the tropical way of life.

So…feeling blue? Don’t worry we have the cure! With direct flights from the USA to Belize, escaping the winter couldn’t be easier. Pack your bags and head right down to our tropical wonderland!

It will be unBELIZEable!

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