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The Great Blue Hole ranks as #8 in Virtual Tourist’s Eighth Wonders of the World

If you have been on social media sites or browsing around the Internet, perhaps you have found a link asking you to vote for Belize’s Great Blue Hole. Guess what? Among 300 of the nominations submitted, Belize’s Great Blue Hole made it as number 8! 

Located off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole is one of our cultural landmarks. It is a large underwater sinkhole located in the centre of Lighthouse Reef and a world-class destination for recreational scuba divers and skydivers. This destination was originally an above ground cave yet it collapsed into a perfect circular hole as water levels rose.

The Great Blue Hole is unique. In fact, it can be seen as a blue landmark all the way from space! But if you can’t make it to space, feel free to plan a little vacation and experience this wonder first-hand πŸ˜‰

Click here to see a full list of the winners.

Once again, congratulations Belize!

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