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Thank you from the Bedran Sisters

On behalf of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, the Bedran sisters and their families would like to express immense gratitude to everyone who made the accomplishment of winning Hotel of the Year 2012 possible. We would like to thank our guests and clientele who give us the drive to move forward and push towards excellence; the San Ignacio Town, for the creation of a beautiful community; our management group, who successfully leads and mentors our employees with loving care; our brothers–Abdala, Escandar and Amin, for all of their support throughout the way; and, most importantly, OUR STAFF. Without our staff this achievement would not have been possible. Their attentive service, dedication and unmatched ability to make everyone feel the warmth of family is the reason we have been able to provide ultimate luxury in all areas. We would also like to thank the Belize Tourism Board for constantly challenging its partners to improve the product that we offer our guests.

A final BIG thank you to all of you who have sent us gifts, cards, text messages, emails, phone calls and Facebook messages, your kind words have been truly appreciated.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Terry, Nazle, Mariam & Paulita

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