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What's the Weather Like in Summer in Belize?
What's the Weather Like in Summer in Belize?

Okay, let's cut to the chase: is Belize hot in the summer? Yep, kinda. But here's the thing, it's the good kind of hot. Picture this – sunshine like a warm hug, a gentle breeze that makes the palm trees

13 Reasons To Visit Belize’s Cayo District This Summer

There’s a reason Belize’s Cayo District is called “the breadbasket of the Caribbean.” It's home to thriving citrus, beans, corn, plantain, banana, veggie, and papaya farms plus tilapia, and dairy industries. Cayo not only helps feed Belize but exports contribute mightily to the economy.

Belize in July: Travel Ideas, Weather and More

Like much of Central America, Belize brings travelers from throughout the Northern Hemisphere looking to escape winter back home. That, combined with the fact that Belize’s green season extends from June into November, means that July represents a pretty significant downturn for the tourism industry. But that downturn can be to your benefit, and you might be shocked to discover the advantages that come from visiting Belize in July.