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13 Reasons To Visit Belize’s Cayo District This Summer
13 Reasons To Visit Belize’s Cayo District This Summer

There’s a reason Belize’s Cayo District is called “the breadbasket of the Caribbean.” It's home to thriving citrus, beans, corn, plantain, banana, veggie, and papaya farms plus tilapia, and dairy industries. Cayo not only helps feed Belize but exports contribute mightily to the economy.

The tourism pitches for Belize often put the notion of this Caribbean country as a beach paradise front and center — and there’s plenty of reason for that. As home to the second-largest barrier reef habitat in the world, the cayes and coast of Belize are worth experiencing. But you’ve never truly...
Travel writers and journalists get paid to say positive things about hotels, resorts, and attractions, but the public is under no obligation to wax poetic about any of these, thus the announcement that Belize’s San Ignacio Resort Hotel was the recipient of Conde Nast Traveler’s 2021 Readers’ Choice Award was greeted with...