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A Travel Guide to Senior Travel in Belize
A Travel Guide to Senior Travel in Belize

Thanks to advanced medical care and more active lifestyles, the term “senior” continues to be redefined by the year as people live longer and remain healthier than ever. The future for seniors has never been more promising, say bloggers on the Explore Life website, which is why active travel attracts so many people in the 60+ age category.

If it sometimes feels as though a new resort pops up every time you’re on a mission to plan your Belize vacation, you’re not imagining things, but not every traveler finds staying at new properties to be a relaxing option! New staff. New health and hygiene practices. And what new resort or...

Worried about competition, United Airlines’ advertising agency decided in 1965 to make the carrier more appealing and friendly by inviting travelers to “Fly the friendly skies of United.” The slogan got more than its fair share of attention because it was unique for the time and extremely memorable.