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San Ignacio, Belize: Where to Find Your Jungle Paradise Home Base
San Ignacio, Belize: Where to Find Your Jungle Paradise Home Base

San Ignacio is the beating heart of Belizean adventure – your launchpad for exploring ancient Maya ruins, spotting colorful toucans, maybe even catching a glimpse of the elusive jaguar. But before you get caught up in dreaming about ziplines and

Belize in August: Travel Ideas, Weather and More

Journalists at felt less than enthusiastic about the month of August when they wrote “August: Let’s Get Rid of It,” a post that wound up in the publication’s archives! Citing reasons to remove August from calendars, editors agreed that August stands out for one major reason: It’s the only month that has no holiday on the books, so it’s up to travelers to make good use of August.

Belize in July: Travel Ideas, Weather and More

Like much of Central America, Belize brings travelers from throughout the Northern Hemisphere looking to escape winter back home. That, combined with the fact that Belize’s green season extends from June into November, means that July represents a pretty significant downturn for the tourism industry. But that downturn can be to your benefit, and you might be shocked to discover the advantages that come from visiting Belize in July.

Belize Maya Ruins

Your Epic Belizean Summer Starts Here

Summertime is an incredible season to visit Belize. With lush rainforests teeming with life, ancient Maya ruins waiting to be discovered, and the pristine waters