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Belize in May: The Weather, the Holidays, & the Adventure
Belize in May: The Weather, the Holidays, & the Adventure

May in Belize? Think warm sunshine, the very last drops of the dry season, and a chance to experience this amazing country before the summer crowds arrive. Get ready for a healthy dose of adventure, a sprinkle of fascinating holidays,

The Secret’s Out: These Are the Best Adventures in Belize

Just because you’re all grown up, that doesn’t mean you don’t need adventure in your life. Too many adults believe that adventures are best left behind during childhood as we enter a world filled with responsibility, but scientists are rethinking this. You should, too. Adults who welcome adventures gain myriad advantages:

-You’ve only got one life so making every minute count is important
-People who seek adventures are happier than those who don’t
-Adventures test our mettle, positively impacting our attitudes
-Studies show that people are more satisfied when spending money on experiences over material possessions 
-Engaging in outdoor adventures boosts the immune system, increases energy, and reduces anxiety
-Adventures forces us to divert attention from electronic devices that contribute stress 24/7!