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Why You Should Start Dreaming About Belize

vacations in belize According to clinical psychotherapists at, if you didn’t dream, you might not carry on as successfully as you do in all aspects of your life. It doesn’t take Freud, crystal balls, or much insight for that matter to be curious about our dreams and to remain open to their interpretation. Have you been dreaming about tropical breezes washing over your body while being served mojitos on a sandy beach? Do you wake up longing for a dip in the ocean? It doesn’t take a trained professional to tell you that a Belize vacation is exactly what the doctor ordered, especially if you take that vacation this winter or early in 2024. belize-wellness You’ll avoid catching the flu. Your body will absorb enough vitamin D from the sun to boost your immune system and might we remind you of those mojitos? Where to realize your dream? Come to San Ignacio where Belize’s elegant San Ignacio Resort Hotel will not only meet your every expectation but lush surroundings, superior service and a bounty of unique amenities will surpass them.

The resort of your dreams

You’re invited to escape to “the only jungle in town,” so keep your eye out for about everything a weary traveler could hope for at this one-of-a-kind property. Suites are luxurious, beautifully appointed, roomy and offer spectacular views of the landscape. belize-food The property’s onsite Running W Restaurant – named for the owner’s ranch where cattle are raised to produce superior beef – is spectacular. The Lobby Bar is a social butterfly’s nirvana; the ideal place to hang out when you’re not exploring the estate’s 17 gorgeous acres. From the legendary Iguana Project to onsite bird watching, tennis courts, refreshing swimming pool, tea tasting tour and other delights found at this amazing resort, you won’t run out of things to do, especially if you opt to book an onsite tour introducing you to local critters of the night! belize-vacation-packages

Explore the world outside 

Prefer to see more of the country? There’s a tour desk within this resort hotel and staffers would love to introduce you to the wonders of Belize, be they aquatic diversions like diving, snorkeling, sailing, and fishing or you just want to swim. all-inclusive-belize Don your Indiana Jones chapeau to explore ancient Maya sites, sacred caves, and other architectural wonders that are tucked into pristine jungles and forests filled with fascinating wildlife, magnificent waterfalls, and scenery that could easily have been the subjects chosen by Monet when he produced his magnificent works of art. Winter is no time to stay home when the warm, welcoming sun and especially warm people of Belize would love to show you how it feels to make a dream come true no matter what the weather looks like in your hometown! belize-travel Choose a Belize vacation package. Pick your travel dates. Importantly, book now before every Belize accommodation has been reserved for folks escaping the chill of winter. You have options. You can act. Or you can keep dreaming. Being a wise person, we’re pretty sure what you’ll decide!

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