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San Ignacio Resort Hotel Celebrates Victory of Sponsored Team in Sittee River Canoe Race

San Ignacio Resort Hotel Celebrates Victory of Sponsored Team in Sittte River Canoe Race

San Ignacio Resort Hotelย isย proud to announce the victory of Ana Lopez, Daniel Cruz, and Gustavo Pott in the Sittee River canoe race, which took place on April 10th, 2023. The team, sponsored by the hotel, competed against 14 other teams, including 4 mixed teams, and emerged as champions of their division and clinched 3rd place overall.

The Sittee River canoe race is renowned as one of the most thrilling and demanding races in Belize, drawing in top canoeists from across the country. Participants are required to possess a blend of physical and mental fortitude, coupled with expert navigation skills as they maneuver through the river’s winding twists and turns.

Ana Lopez and her team proved to be more than up for the challenge, dominating their division and finishing in 3rd place overall. The hotel is ecstatic to have been a part of their journey and congratulates the team for their incredible accomplishment.

“Ana Lopez and her team’s victory is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that they put in to achieve their goal. We are honored to have sponsored such a talented team and are proud of their achievement,” said the hotel’s managing director.

The hotel recognizes the importance of supporting local talent and is committed to promoting sports and wellness in the community. The sponsorship of Ana Lopez and her team is just one of the many ways that the hotel is contributing to the development of the community.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel extends its congratulations to Ana Lopez and her team and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors.

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