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Service Excellence and Team Building

The standard of excellence at our hotel is taken very seriously by all members of our team… 


On October 2nd and 3rd the entire San Ignacio Resort Hotel team participated in an intensive Service Excellence & Team Building Workshop led by Mr. Paul Lecky. Each department was split into two so half the department attended one day while the other continued work as per usual, and then they switched the next day. The workshop started at 8:30 AM and concluded at 4:30 PM with a social hour. The workshop itself was fascinating and thought-provoking. The concepts and ideas were presented in such a way that made a quite simple and straight forward question very profound. Mr. Paul Lecky was an imposing, yet gentle speaker. He drew on his experiences from his own very interesting life and from a long career of working with individuals and groups just like ours. The hotel staff participating in team building exercise which demanded team work and effort from each individual. There were also exercises highlighting what it means to have excellent service. The standard of excellence at our hotel is taken very seriously by our team members, regardless of their department.


All in all, it was a wonderful experience which the entire staff enjoyed immensely. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel team is undoubtedly stronger through and because of this training workshop.


A special “Thank You!” to Mr. Paul Lecky for leading us in this experience.


service excellence


service excellence


service excellence



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