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Thanks for the Memories: San Ignacio Resort Hotel Celebrates 45th Anniversary

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If it sometimes feels as though a new resort pops up every time you’re on a mission to plan your Belize vacation, you’re not imagining things, but not every traveler finds staying at new properties to be a relaxing option! New staff. New health and hygiene practices. And what new resort or hotel can brag about a perfectly coordinated approach to hospitality? Smart travelers know that with history comes wisdom and management willing to go the extra mile based on long histories of delighting guests. There are so many more reasons to consider vacationing at a spot that’s been operating for long periods of time that listing them here would take too long, so why not find out for yourself how staying at an established property makes for a superior vacation experience? There is no resort hotel in Belize with as many credentials as the legendary San Ignacio Resort Hotel, celebrating 45 years of treating guests like royalty in August 2021.

A history worth noting

san ignacio resort hotel history Mr. Escandar Bedran, the founder of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, launched his hospitality career by opening a popular night club on Hudson Street in San Ignacio, followed by a dance hall and community center with classrooms, all of which formed a social hub for the people of San Ignacio. Hosting every sort of event a community desires – dances, weddings, school plays and more – Mr. Bedran expanded his enterprise to a distillery producing rums still known for their unique flavors and potencies. Despite surviving fires that might have kept a lesser man down, he continued to diversify his interests by acquiring agricultural interests in anticipation of building his dream property: A hotel, named for his town of birth, that opened its doors to guests in 1976. queen elizabeth in belize Hosting no lesser personage than HRH Queen Elizabeth in 1994, The San Ignacio Hotel stands as homage to an entrepreneurial genius whose family continues the legacy by welcoming guests from around the world. Want to know more before you come for visit? This timeline is a must-read.

Come down for the celebration

san-ignacio-resort-hotel-rates Does attending San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s 45th anniversary in August sound like a party you don’t want to miss? After all, you’ll headquarter at an iconic property where everything you desire is at your fingertips, including interactive attractions like the Iguana Project and onsite experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Enjoy all of this largesse from the comfort of splendid accommodations that range from lush garden rooms to jungle view and river suites. Dining at the Running W Restaurant during your stay could be the highlight of your visit if you love tasty, high-quality cuisine since chefs prepare meals using meats raised at the family ranch and just-harvested produce and herbs that turn ordinary menu items into culinary delights. The chic lobby bar serves as a social hub for guests where light plates, classic cocktails, other libations and ambience meet.

More reasons to vacation at the hotel this August

belize food Not only can you arrange for a package that bundles your accommodations, meals, attractions, amenities and more for a single price so you can relax and have fun during your stay, but in honor of this 45th year, the property will honor guests by holding a month-long sweepstakes for which every hotel visitor will be eligible. This special event will run throughout the month of August, so in addition to having the vacation of your dreams, your chances of snagging a sweepstakes prize are excellent. win a free trip to belize You don’t need an invitation to be on hand for this grand celebration of history, hospitality and delight but you will need a reservation that can take just a few minutes to secure if you book using this e-mail address to inquire into August dates that best suit your schedule: Party hats are not required during your stay but you may want to leave room in your luggage for sweepstakes winnings if you’re feeling particularly lucky. That stated, just vacationing at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel during this August celebration makes you a winner because you had the wisdom to choose a property with charm, history and staff who know no limits when it comes to satisfying guests!

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