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San Ignacio Resort Hotel brings home Hotel of the Year 2016 & Restaurant of the Year 2016!

Continuing the 40th Anniversary celebration with a bang, a double bang to be exact. The Hotel has been honoured with the title of Hotel of the Year 2016 and Restaurant of the Year 2016 at the 14th Annual Industry Awards hosted by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB)

BTB's 14th Annual Industry Awards

BTB’s National Industry Awards is an annual event that recognizes excellence from hoteliers, tour operators, and distinguished individuals who are part of our affluent and dynamic tourism industry in Belize. With such a large and competitive environment, the victory is sweet!

BTB's 14th Annual Industry Awards

San Ignacio Resort Hotel competed in three categories: Frontline Person of the Year, Restaurant of the Year, and Hotel of the Year. Below are videos for the two categories we won.


  • Restaurant of the Year 2016: This section looks for a local restaurant that ‘offers an exemplary dining experience’ – taking into consideration menu variety, consistency, and quality as well as exceptional and genuine service. 


  • Hotel of the Year 2016: Recognizing an institution that ‘offers a getaway to paradise’, this award celebrates a hotel where visitors are treated with unsurpassed levels of service and is able to meet industry standards.


The San Ignacio Resort Hotel team would like to congratulate all nominees and winners of BTB’s 14th Annual Industry Awards! We would also like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our local Belizean and international guests, long-standing industry supporters, and the San Ignacio Resort Hotel team for their unwavering commitment to our vision. Go #teamSIRH!

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