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Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant is the Place to Be in San Ignacio

Looking for a place to indulge while travelling San Ignacio, Belize? Well, San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant is the place!


Belize Luxury Restaurant


If you’re feeling romantic, social, family-oriented, or just looking for a place to wind down in the evenings or weekend, our San Ignacio Belize Restaurant has the ambiance and service that are sure to satisfy!

Running W Steakhouse

Here’s a sneak peek of all of our weekly offerings, pick-and-choose or, even better, experience all of ‘em!


1. Happy Hour. Hang out with your friends at our Lobby Bar and enjoy a variety of local and international beers, signature cocktails, and finger foods


Happy Hour At Lobby Bar



2. Steak Your Claim. Showcasing Grill Master Trey Roberson’s grilled specialties, this occasional special features choose-your-own meat cuts, family-style platters, and live music from San Ignacio’s local talents! This night will meat your needs (pun intended).


* This special is offered on Thursdays; however, dates vary. Contact us at 824-2034 for details


Steak Your Claim



3.Sushi Night. That’s how we roll. Every Saturday our Food & Beverage team gets creative and features two Sushi specialties. These tasty treats are crafted into a delicious roll made with local veggies and meats.


Sushi Nights at Running W Steakhouse



4. Starry Nights on the Balcony. Enjoy the night sky and a fine dinner from the comfort of our dining room. This weekly event offers special dishes outside of our daily menu that will have your taste buds celebrating!


Starry Nights on The Balcony



5. Sunday Brunch. Breakfast or lunch? Decisions, decisions. Why not have them both?! Our Belize luxury restaurant’s Sunday Brunch provides a variety of specialty dishes combining the best of these meals. And let’s not forget…our do-it-yourself Bloody Mary bar is definitely a plus!


Sunday Brunch at Running W Steakhouse



6. Belizean Special. We understand the explosion of flavours found in our local Belizean cuisine; as a result, we offer some of Belize’s best cultural dishes daily such as Black Soup, salbutes, Rice & Beans, panades, fry fish, and many other plates that will have you asking for thirds.


Belizean Special


With that said….we invite you to visit and dine with us at the Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

For more information, contact us at or give us a call at 824-2034







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