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Rough Guides: 10 Reasons to Visit Belize (Extended)

We can come up with 100 reasons easily but let’s dig into the top 10 reasons why this paradise deserves your visit. Based on Rough Guides’ video on the 10 Reasons to Visit Belize, we took the opportunity to delve deeper into each of the categories they carefully selected. Read on!


1. For a wealth of culture and some of the liveliest festivals that you’re likely to experience

Lobsterfest, Costa Maya Festival, La Ruta Maya, Garifuna Settlement Day — Belize knows culture and celebration all too well. Socialize, dance, eat and sing with the locals, you are guaranteed a festivity that will last a lifetime. But not only does Belize offer a wonderful array of yearly festivals, it is also a great destination for a cultural immersion to a variety of ethnic groups and local traditions.

lobesterfest belize

Photo courtesy of iTravelBelize


2. For secret beaches and offshore islands all to yourself

Imagine laying on a hammock or a beach overlooking the beautiful pristine waters of Belize with nothing (or no one) to disturb your peace. You can take a swim by yourself or make it romantic – a dinner by the rushing waves with your significant other. 


3. To explore the magnificent ruins of the ancient Maya World

Are you captivated by history? You’ll love this! Thousands of years ago the Maya civilization lived in a world that we know much about but also a world that we wonder much about. Walk in their footsteps through the Maya temples and experience an adventure that is not only educational but also fun. And the views… WOW.

maya ruins

Photo credit: Madilyn Rawson Photography


4. Because everyone deserves to see a wild manatee at least once

AND Belize’s wildlife in a whole. Manatees are one of the protected animals in our beautiful Jewel and oh, are we glad they are! These “seacows” are a beauty to watch and a very interesting animal to learn about. 


5. To zip through the rainforest canopies or immerse yourself in the wilds below

Get that adrenaline pumpin’ and zipline hundreds of feet above the gorgeous canopies of Belize. This adventure might be on your bucket list but we are pretty sure you might come back for more. If not, enjoy the beauty that is hidden deeper; the untouched rainforests of Belize offer so much striking fauna and flora — each with its own individual wonders.



6. To abandon any pretensions and dine at a local market

What can be better than a Saturday at the San Ignacio Market? Just a five minute walk downhill from our San Ignacio Resort Hotel, the local market offers you a variety of art, fruits, clothes and of course, food! This is the perfect way to see life in the mainland and appreciate the hard work of our local farmers and artists.

Photography by Jaime Ditaranto


7. For a bonafide birding paradise

Our Belizean skies are also filled with over 600 aerial splendors. Countrywide you can find perfect places for birdwatching and even closer, in our backyard. San Ignacio Resort Hotel offers early birdwatching within its 17-acre private estate and a “dining with the birds” experience from its Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant’s balcony. These little chirpers can be quite an entertainment!

belize birdwatching tours


8. For a world class snorkeling by day and by night

We are proud to be home to one of the largest barrier reefs in the world! And with this comes stunning spots for diving and snorkeling. Dip into the Caribbean Sea and experience a whole new world, a vast amount of species waiting to be admired. The best part? You can do so at night, too.


9. For some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet.

Belize will be your home away from home and we are proud to say — it’s because of our people. Travelling is much more rewarding when you witness the local life. We welcome you, cook for you and even show you around. 

Photo credit via Instagram: @discoverbelize


10. To kick back and relax

Here’s to simply living the life – Belizean style!

calla in motion

Photo credit: Calla In Motion


Check out the Rough Guide’s video of inspiration here. Don’t think twice to visit Belize, book your stay now!

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