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New Ways to Explore Belize While Social Distancing

Social distancing got you feeling a bit down? While travel in the age of COVID-19 can be tricky, there's no reason to rule it out completely. When we started Cayo Gial Tours, we thought it would be another fun way for the family to work together while sharing the best of San Ignacio, both within and beyond the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. So while your favorite food and beach festivals may be canceled this summer, we can assure you that Belize is so naturally rich in food, culture, history, and nature, that there are still several ways to have fun, stay safe and explore the country. So, grab your map, masks, hand-sanitizer, and your sunblock and check out our tips for new ways you can explore Belize while still social distancing.


Start by keeping your travel group intimate. This can mean traveling alone and discovering the joys of solo travel, reconnecting for a romantic couples' vacation with your spouse, or spending time together as a family. A fun way to explore Belize while social distancing can be by taking a cooking class; These along with food and drink tastings typically cater to smaller groups and provide a fun and novel way to explore Belizean culture through food. Book a rum tasting in downtown San Ignacio, learn to make delicious Belizean cuisine, or try a chocolate-making class. These are all activities that you can book privately to enjoy as a couple or with a small group of friends or family.


If relaxation and nature-based activities are your preference, there are many ways to enjoy Belize's natural beauty and still practice social distancing. Canoeing and kayaking are great for avoiding large crowds. River tours along the Macal River or within the spectacular Belize cave systems are perfect for the hot summer months. What's more, these activities can easily be enjoyed alone or as a twosome. A gentle early morning hike, birding around the grounds of the hotel, and horseback riding are also fun and safe ways to explore Belize while social distancing. Feel free to talk to us about the best times to book these tours so you can see more and avoid the crowds.


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Exercise, nutritious foods, and a healthy lifestyle seem even more important right now. Getting out will do the mind and body a world of good, allowing you to release some stress while providing you with a healthy dose of sunshine and fresh air. Another new, fun way to explore Belize while social distancing could be as simple as organizing a fun selfie or photo-walk tour of the town; Burns Avenue in San Ignacio is one of the oldest settled areas of the town. There are still many historic buildings that line the narrow streets, colorful murals, the historic Hawksworth Bridge installed in 1949 that links the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena – all lovely backdrops to a fun, self-styled photo shoot.


Contact us today for more information on the tours we provide for fun new ways to explore Belize while social distancing.

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