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San Ignacio Resort Hotel Honors Tourism Industry Professionals with Exclusive Labor Day Discounts

Exclusive Labor Day Discounts

San Ignacio Resort Hotel is proud to celebrate Labor Day on May 1st with an exclusive promotion designed to honor the tireless efforts of tourism industry professionals. The resort is offering an impressive 15% discount on accommodations, meals, drinks, and on-site activities, allowing these hard-working Belizeans the chance to unwind and experience a luxurious retreat within the mesmerizing Belize jungle.

Honors Tourism Industry

Guests can take pleasure in a 15% discount on mouthwatering dishes at the esteemed Running W Restaurant, where they can enjoy a perfect fusion of local and international cuisine. The promotion also encompasses enticing beverages at the bar, allowing patrons to toast their accomplishments and perseverance.

labor discount

In addition to the gastronomic indulgences, San Ignacio Resort Hotel encourages guests to explore an array of on-site activities at a 15% discount. From exhilarating jungle expeditions to engaging encounters at the Green Iguana Conservation Project and tranquil moments by the pool, the resort offers a diverse range of experiences to satisfy all preferences.

San Ignacio Resort

Labor Day, commemorated on May 1st in Belize, pays tribute to the dedication and hard work of industry professionals. San Ignacio Resort Hotel is committed to honoring these deserving tourism industry professionals with a memorable getaway, complete with exclusive discounts tailored to their well-deserved break.

To take advantage of this outstanding 15% off promotion at San Ignacio Resort Hotel, tourism industry professionals can make reservations using the following contact information:


Call: +501-824-2034

Toll Free: +1-855-494-6639

Situated in the heart of a verdant jungle haven, San Ignacio Resort Hotel delivers an exceptional blend of luxury, adventure, and relaxation, providing guests with a truly unforgettable escape.

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