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Global Traveler – Women Taking the Hospitality Industry by Storm

Global Traveler, a resource publication highlighting tourism industry news, reviews, and travel guides for luxury business explorers, has highlighted San Ignacio’s Bedran Sisters and resort owners in their article titled “Women Taking the Hospitality Industry by Storm” which emphasizes how women have changed the hospitality industry dynamics worldwide:


IT WAS NO COINCIDENCE that 1994 was the year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in Belize and also the year the hotel transitioned its ownership to four sisters. Mariam Bedran Roberson and her three sisters (Terry Bedran Carter, Nazle Bedran Kuylen and Paulita Bedran Figueroa) only realized later in life their father had been grooming them to take over the family’s property. They learned every aspect of running the business before assuming leadership in 1994, when they began the work of moving their development plan toward a higher-end market. The family culture of the hotel remains, but the property is now the only luxury resort hotel within walking distance of the town of San Ignacio. Along with updating rooms and meeting spaces, the sisters started the Green Iguana Project, to help protect the threatened species, and opened the Running W Restaurant featuring locally farmed meat.


Read the full article here or download the PDF here

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