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Explore Belize from Home with These Mouthwatering Foods

When the pandemic hit life as we knew it came to a screeching halt. Many of us found ourselves balancing working from home, hosting digital catch-up with friends, family, and searching for creative ways to pass the time. While restaurants were closed, there were a few of us that ultimately rediscovered the pure joy of cooking. Whether it was for ourselves or our families, there is undoubtedly something satisfying and tangible that comes from exploring this small, nay, delicious pursuit. So while you’re waiting to travel, and looking for new recipes to add to your repertoire, you should definitely try these five mouth-watering Belize recipes.


Traditionally Belizeans love a warm breakfast, complete with hot coffee, tea, or Milo. An authentic Belize breakfast of champions wouldn’t be complete without Fried Jacks or warm Johnny Cakes. Never mind the names if they sound strange to you, they’re delicious! Fried Jacks are delightfully light, deep-fried pockets of dough, often served with eggs, refried beans, and a slice of sharp Gouda cheese, replacing toast and croissants. Johnny Cakes, on the other hand, are baked and served warm. Slightly sweet, with a hint of coconut, you’ll need all the willpower you can summon not to slice and butter these cakes fresh out the oven.


belizean fry jacks


Belize hosts a diverse array of cultures, each contributing delicious foods, and spices to the local food scene. A local favorite like Hudut and Sere is easy enough for even the novice kitchen chef to attempt, with ingredients that are easily obtained at your local supermarket – chief among them, rich, creamy coconut milk, plantains, and fish. While almost any fish will do, we recommend the red snapper for a more traditional flavor. Feed your family or host a party of one, this creamy, comforting dish will definitely wow friends and family and bring a taste of coastal Belize to your home.


belizean hudut


Now that summer is here; it’s the perfect time for a Belize-style BBQ. Belizeans are especially fond of an overnight marinade, so if you have some time the night before, be sure to let your meat rest overnight in the spices listed. You may need to do a careful inspection of the international foods aisle to find recado or achiote seasoning, but it’s well worth it. It’s the primary coloring agent that gives Belizean meats its signature color and unique flavor. Be sure to add some popular sides, like flour tortillas, coleslaw, and baked beans. Replace a traditional tomato salsa with this Mango Salsa, for an additional tropical wow effect!


Did somebody say cocktails? Straight from our bartender to you, we recommend the Iguana Trail. The Iguana is especially dear to our hearts. In 1996 the Green Iguana Conservation Project was established on the grounds of the resort. Currently endangered, the green iguana project rescues, rehabilitates, and releases iguanas back to the wild. Those that are unable to be released serve as wonderful ambassadors to their species, where guests can see and interact with them up close. The combination of guava and lime in the Iguana Trail is sweet and satisfying, and the green serves as a pleasant reminder of tropical palms and the iguanas themselves.


Tell us which recipes you enjoyed making the most. And if you’re hoping to travel soon, contact us with all your questions about what to expect or for help planning your next trip to Belize!

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