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An Unforgettable Earth Day Adventure Beckons at Trey’s Barn and Grill

Earth Day at Trey's

This Earth Day, embark on a captivating journey as Trey’s Barn and Grill hosts a spectacular event in collaboration with the Green Iguana Conservation Project and other esteemed businesses, such as SESB and BullRidge. Merging eco-consciousness with family entertainment, this delightful gathering offers a one-of-a-kind experience focused on environmental appreciation, tantalizing dishes, and close encounters with mesmerizing Green Iguanas.

Kindly note that the Green Iguana Conservation Project will be closed during the event, but will enthusiastically welcome visitors again on Sunday at 8 am.

Nestled in a cozy and charming atmosphere, Trey’s Barn and Grill serves as the perfect setting for this Earth Day festivity. Its relaxed ambiance and commitment to sustainable practices create an ideal environment for learning about conservation and celebrating our precious planet.

An Unforgettable Earth Day Adventure Beckons at Trey’s Barn and Grill

On this momentous day, guests can expect a variety of engaging, eco-friendly activities designed for all age groups. Delve into the fascinating world of Green Iguanas with the experts from the conservation project, and explore the vital impact these creatures have on the ecosystem. Participate in lively and educational experiences presented by businesses like SESB and BullRidge, which encourage a sense of environmental responsibility.

No celebration is complete without mouth-watering cuisine and refreshing beverages. Trey’s Barn and Grill will impress with a delectable menu highlighting locally-sourced ingredients and a focus on sustainable practices.

Invite your loved ones to Trey’s Barn and Grill to forge unforgettable memories while contributing positively to our planet. This Earth Day, let’s come together to marvel at nature’s wonders and pledge to protect it for future generations to enjoy.

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