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Kiss Winter Goodbye: Spend Christmas and New Year’s in Belize

christmas in belize Travel blogger Christy Woodrow may live in California, but the moment she’s able to get away, she’s on a plane to somewhere exotic. She believes that life is too short not to travel abroad, especially during the holidays, because it forces folks to get outside their comfort zones, making them more independent in addition to helping them escape everyday boredom. Additionally, international travel establishes relationships with other travelers that shape long-term friendships.

But it can be expensive and time-consuming to go abroad when factoring in jet lag, the necessity of learning another language and mastering another currency, which is exactly why Belize is fast becoming the go-to destination for holiday travelers who love the idea of flying a few hours to a nation where everyone speaks English. new years and christmas in belize Toss in the benefit of no winter weather ruining your holiday and it makes perfect sense to get away. Will you miss the trappings of Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Not if you decide to stay at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel where a spectacular Yuletide celebration awaits every guest in an elegant setting and where the staff is dedicated to doing everything it takes to host a relaxing holiday season will be at your beck and call. belize christmas vacations

9 on-site perks you won’t find at any other resort

1. In lieu of shoveling snow, swim laps in the resort’s crystal-clear outdoor pool, open 24/7.

2. Order in-room spa treatments that re-energize and relax stressed-out holiday shoppers.

3. Play tennis. Don’t bother to pack gear. Pick up rackets and balls at the front desk.

4. Book sightseeing tours, transport, and attractions at the in-house Cayo Gial Tours desk located steps from your digs.

5. Take the tea-tasting medicinal tour on the estate’s grounds that is led by a knowledgeable guide.

6. Watch birds that come to winter within the resort’s jungle known to attract up to 119 unique species.

7. Enjoy a night hike to spot nocturnal creatures in addition to the authentic Maya chultun on the property.

8. Visit nearby shops, eateries, a farmer’s market, casino, Maya site and museum, and House of Culture.

9. Don’t miss the resort’s biggest attraction: The Iguana Project, fascinating for guests of all ages! belize new years vacations

Get your fill of holiday blessings, too

where to go for christmas and new years The San Ignacio Resort Hotel, located on the site of a 17-acre estate, won’t disappoint when the holidays roll around. From tropical decorations to special meals at the Running W restaurant prepared from meats raised at the resort owner’s ranch and the freshest seafood and produced available, Christmas and New Year’s at San Ignacio Resort Hotel includes a gift you give yourself: Belize vacation packages that cover all aspects of your stay, including lush accommodations, meals, and amenities. new years in belize Packages not only take the work out of year-end holidays but allow you to wind down and appreciate the reason for the season. The resort’s concierge is dedicated to making certain everything about your Yuletide stay is festive and impeccable, so whether you wish to attend church services or climb a Maya site to round out your December fun, staff will make it happen — and isn’t that exactly what you want from an exotic holiday getaway that brings your year to a picture-perfect ending?

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