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Chocolate Body Wrap – A Belize Spa Experience

How would it feel to be covered head-to-toe in chocolate? Blissful. A dream come true for chocolate lovers, isn’t it? Well, now it’s possible at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This past month we introduced a new addition to our Luxury Spa treatments…welcome, Chocolate Body Wrap!

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Chocolate was introduced into beauty and healthcare products in the mid-1800s for its skin-softening effects. However, the discovery that chocolate consumption (in moderation) has health benefits fostered its use in body treatments. The magic of chocolate relies on its ability to decrease risks of stroke, enhance blood flow, shield skin from sun damage, and promote a healthy heart. But most importantly, it’s DELICIOUS!


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What exactly is a Chocolate Body Wrap (CBW)? This is a Luxury treatment that has fabulous effects on skin, body, and mood. The benefits of CBW are:


  • Reduction of cellulite. This is possible by subjecting direct heat and a lymphatic drainage massage to troublesome areas. 
  • Reduction of stress. Due to the elements found in chocolate, CBW gives you a calming effect. The scent of chocolate also stimulates your “happy feeling” (of course, chocolate makes everything so much better!)
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  • Skin improvement. During the procedure your body gets moisturized and hydrated, leaving you with smooth glowing skin. Also, your pores tend to get detoxified while the dead skin cells are exfoliated.
  • “I wanna be forever young”. The properties found in this chocolate treatment delay the aging process. This means…goodbye wrinkles!
  • New body. Chocolate Body Wrap reshapes and sculpts your body giving it a thinner and leaner look.


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Although some of the effects are temporary, this delicious and relaxing treatment is definitely worth a try! Book yours now at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel

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