Belize Travel Notice – Health & Safety
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Celebrating World Tourism Day

September 27th is WORLD TOURISM DAY! and as the World celebrates and recognizes the importance of Tourism in today's world , San Ignacio Resort Hotel is pleased to share just a snapshot of what we have been doing and the small but important role we play in sustainable tourism.


Iguana Conservation Project

For over 15 years the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has successfully promoted the efforts of the Green Iguana Conservation Project.  Capturing the interest of visitors and countless school groups of all ages, from eager preschoolers to university interns, the project is a favorite to many. We are happy to be able to impart the knowledge of fostering and protecting the Green Iguana to so many both locally and from abroad. Learn more…




San Ignacio Resort Hotel pledges to comply and exceed with all local and national laws with regards to solid waste management.  In an effort to reduce the company's impact on the environment our “Green Team” has implemented several practices to re-use, reduce and recycle.



Flamingo Park Adoption

In celebration of National Service Day, San Ignacio Resort Hotel and its enthused staff has officially adopted the Flamingo park. On 18th September 2012, the renovations began. Here are a few photos taken during this momentous occasion. Learn more…



Botanical Gardens

Belize is home to over 4,000 species of tropical flowers and orchids. Their breathtaking fragrance and exquisite beauty leaves a lasting impression to visitors of Belize. In and out of season the halls at San Ignacio Resort Hotel is decorated with exotic tropical flowers that grow in our gardens. Learn more…



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