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Finding the Best Family-Friendly Activities in Belize Just Got Easier!

Belize Family Adventures Kids aren’t always enthusiastic about traveling abroad with mom and dad – often because the attractions parents choose tend to be all about their interests and preferences.

But it’s possible to design an itinerary guaranteed to delight kids and parents if you stay at a family-friendly resort that prioritizes kids, too. Choose Belize as your destination, Mom and Dad.

The flight will be so short, even fidgety kids stay seated and every family member will love the fact that everyone speaks English. Before you know it, you’ll arrive in paradise by choosing to sojourn in San Ignacio Town at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This lush property focuses as much on entertaining kids as it does on pampering adults.

Stay where the iguanas hang out!

Best Place To Stay In Belize The idea of sleeping under the same roof as a large gathering of reptiles appeals to kids’ sensibilities and what other property can make this claim?
Home to the Iguana Conservation Project consisting of educational exhibits and scaly iguanas your children will find fascinating, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is a rare mix of elegance, luxury, and old-world charm.

Once a private estate sprawling across 17 acres, kids can roam around spotting birds and learning more about flora and fauna than any science class they’ll ever take.

Moms and dads find just as much to love about a stay at this world-class property that offers the respite they seek to restore themselves and their spirits.

Located in San Ignacio’s Cayo District, the resort is tucked into a lush jungle overlooking the Macal River in the foothills of the Maya Mountains.

Access to San Ignacio Town is but one reason families return to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel where they can save money and stress by choosing a Belize vacation package.

Can fun and luxury co-exist?

Belize Adventure Family Resorts The proof is found within this resort’s lush environment. Twenty-seven beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites, plus the Running W Restaurant and Lobby Bar offer guests a rare mix of both.

From four-poster beds crafted of Belizean hardwoods to textiles and art offering an authentic Caribbean vibe, dining experiences are also exceptional. Where did this al fresco eatery get its name? Resort owners own a cattle ranch so guests find lots of freshly-cut meats on the menu.

Having realized how unique an experience you can look forward to at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, allow us to put the icing on the cake by telling you that the property’s onsite tour resource – Cayo Gial tour desk – is situated in the lobby for guest convenience.

Once the kids have stopped begging you to buy them pet iguanas, you can lure them away by booking adventure tours designed to fascinate even the most blasé teen! We could wax poetic about the number and scope of the tours available to families of all sizes, but wouldn’t you rather see these options for yourself?

Go to our Belize Adventure Tours page and explore the possibilities.

Don’t be surprised if your kids insist that a stay at this property surpasses a theme park vacation. After all, iguanas beat cartoon characters every time!

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