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The Secret’s Out: These Are the Best Adventures in Belize

Best Belize Adventure Just because you’re all grown up, that doesn’t mean you don’t need adventure in your life. Too many adults believe that adventures are best left behind during childhood as we enter a world filled with responsibility, but scientists are rethinking this. You should, too. Adults who welcome adventures gain myriad advantages:

-You’ve only got one life so making every minute count is important

-People who seek adventures are happier than those who don’t

-Adventures test our mettle, positively impacting our attitudes

-Studies show that people are more satisfied when spending money on experiences over material possessions

-Engaging in outdoor adventures boosts the immune system, increases energy, and reduces anxiety

-Adventures forces us to divert attention from electronic devices that contribute stress 24/7!

Ready for your adventure? Belize Adventure Vacations Who wants to start an adventure by sitting on an airplane for hours? You arrive in bad spirits, your body hurts and even the most pleasant flight causes travelers to lose valuable time while suffering jet lag.

Grab your quota of jungles, ancient Maya caves, and cities plus rare opportunities to come into contact with creatures in the wild that you’ve only encountered in zoos by flying a few hours south to Belize.

Your Belize adventure gets off to the right start by choosing a property that gives you the best access to all of the adventure you can handle:

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Not only will you reside in splendor at this family-owned hotel, but the staff specializes in helping guests create adventure itineraries that send visitors home with great photos and greater memories.

Oh, the places you’ll go! adventure in belize Even Dr. Suess would be impressed by the number of adventures from which you will be able to choose by staying at this grand property, located in Cayo District’s vibrant San Ignacio Town.

Among the tours, the concierge can book for you during your sojourn are the world’s best Maya temples.

They include Caracol, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and Lamanai. Choose to be daring and brave cave expeditions that range from calm river tubing adventures to repelling into underground Maya ceremonial chambers where artifacts are displayed.

Your host will also be happy to book water, jungle, and zip-lining experiences or you can keep it cool by engaging in the Belize birding scene. There’s lots more, including onsite tours that are equally exciting.

Open a Belize vacation package. Surprises await Belize Adventure Packages One of the very best ways to enjoy an adventure is by saving money. Bundle your accommodations by taking advantage of San Ignacio Resort Hotel Belize vacation packages that include beautiful accommodations, gourmet dining, amenities, and proximity to San Ignacio, a town that offers its own variety of fun and adventure!

View the property’s Belize vacation package options here. Which one will you choose based on your own desire to test your mettle, reap health rewards and find out how it feels to spend an entire day having fun instead of being glued to your electronic devices?

You’ll want to tell your friends. Expect them to feel envious (even if they don’t admit it aloud!).

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