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What to Know About Belize’s Summertime Lobster Fest Celebrations

Belize Lobster

Gourmands wax poetic about lobsters, describing succulent crustaceans drowning in melted butter that sport hefty price tags. Belizeans see a growth industry that is important to the nation’s economy – reason enough to throw a grand celebration of lobster every July.

Once considered “trash fish” eschewed by Belize fishermen, something fortuitous happened in the 1920s that proved a boon: A declining North American lobster industry opened a market for Belize lobstermen. Inventions like freezer boats, processing methods, and cold storage following World War II made year-round lobster production possible, thus annual Belize Lobsterfests are more than an excuse to feast on shellfish. They’re also an homage to an irreplaceable industry.

Three areas in Belize host most of the action


Traditionally, Ambergris Caye, Placencia, and Caye Caulker host grand celebrations, and Lobsterfest 2023 is shaping up to be the best nationwide party yet. This vibrant festivity attracts visitors from around the globe, all eager to experience these high-energy events. Some attendees, however, often seek lodgings a little away from the 24/7 party noise. You may be one of them!

What can you expect if you decide to come down and join the fun? Visitors sample fabulous lobster fare while enjoying non-stop music, entertainment, fun activities, contests, games, and more. You’ll meet folks wearing lobster hats, lobster suits, and other outrageous get-ups. You may even decide to join them.

The best way to enjoy Lobsterfest?

Belize Lobster Festivals

Book a stay at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, a posh, private sanctuary in San Ignacio that offers even serious partiers a refuge from the noise that this annual affair generates. You’ll love this gorgeous award-winning Belize resort, and you can count on the staff to transport you to and from Lobsterfest venues, so you don’t have to count the number of icy beers you consume.

Even if the purpose of your visit is to consume your fill of seafood, amenities at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel are so bountiful, that you’ll want to stick around. They include:
•A cooling outdoor swimming pool and patio lounge.
•The lighted tennis court (use complimentary tennis racquets and balls).
•A dedicated on-site tour desk for excursions, transport, and more.
•An onsite tea tasting medicinal tour on the estate’s grounds.
•Birdwatching amid the resort’s verdant acreage.
•A Critters of the Night tour where you’ll meet nocturnal creatures roaming the grounds.
•In-room spa services are guaranteed to revive and revitalize your mind and body.
•The Green Iguana Conservation Project, is considered San Ignacio”s #1 attraction for adults and kids alike.

Eat all the lobster you want; nobody’s counting!

Why Settle for One Belize Lobsterfest When You Can Attend Three

One of the best reasons to sojourn inland at this elegant venue is to take advantage of an inclusive package that includes accommodations, meals, and specialty tours that could inspire you to share your time in-country with Lobsterfest activities.

Packages take the work out of vacationing, and you need only go as far as San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s Running W restaurant to get plenty of lobster onsite, too. Bring a bib but leave your inhibitions at home. Lobsterfest only happens once a year during the month of July, and you won’t want to miss a minute or a succulent claw for that matter!

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