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San Ignacio Resort Hotel Crowned Belize’s Leading Hotel for the Second Year in a Row at the World Travel Awards

About the World Travel Awards

San Ignacio Resort Hotel has once again proven its outstanding reputation on the global stage by securing the prestigious title of ‘Belize’s Leading Hotel 2023’ at the World Travel Awards. This notable distinction follows closely on the heels of our 2022 win, underscoring the hotel’s consistent delivery of exceptional guest experiences.

About the World Travel Awards

world travel awards

Established in 1993, the World Travel Awards™ have come a long way in marking outstanding performance across all major sectors of the travel, tourism, and hospitality domains. Recognized across the world as the zenith of industry excellence, the awards seek to honor top-tier service and unmatched guest experiences.

The World Travel Awards™ embarks on its annual Grand Tour, hosting regional gala ceremonies on each continent. This paves the way for regional winners to compete in the Grand Final by year-end. These ceremonies are not just award presentations; they are landmark events graced by industry leaders, influencers, and global media, placing them on the travel and tourism calendar’s highlight reel.

On this splendid achievement, Mariam Roberson, our Managing Director of San Ignacio Resort Hotel, remarked, “We are deeply honored to be recognized once again by the World Travel Awards. This accolade not only represents our commitment to excellence but also our dedication to providing unforgettable experiences for our guests. I extend my heartfelt thanks to our incredible team for their hard work and to our cherished guests, not only for their unwavering support but also for taking the time to vote for us. Your voice made a difference, and for that, we are immensely grateful.”

Experience San Ignacio Resort Hotel


No matter the season, San Ignacio Resort Hotel emerges as the preferred accommodation choice for those visiting Belize. Whether you’re planning a serene winter getaway or an adventurous fall escape, our resort promises unparalleled experiences.

Guests are treated to a bouquet of amenities and accommodations, with rooms offering panoramic views of the lush Belizean landscapes. The on-site Running W Restaurant tantalizes palates with authentic Belizean cuisines and international delicacies.


But what sets the resort apart is its commitment to eco-friendly initiatives, highlighted by the on-site Green Iguana Conservation Project. This endeavor allows guests to immerse themselves in Belize’s natural heritage, providing an up-close encounter with the magnificent Green Iguanas.

For those seeking a blend of luxury, authenticity, and eco-consciousness, San Ignacio Resort Hotel is undeniably the place to be. Winning ‘Belize’s Leading Hotel’ for the second consecutive year is a testament to our dedication to guest satisfaction and industry excellence. If Belize is on your travel list, make sure San Ignacio Resort Hotel is on your stay list.

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