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Belize: The Best Place To Travel In 2022

Belize in 2022

2021 may still seem like it’s just started, but it will be gone before you realize it. That means there’s no better time to book a trip to paradise for 2022. Your future self will thank you for paying it forward, and there are few places on Earth quite as spectacular as Belize. Here’s why you should make this Caribbean nation your next vacation destination.

Beautiful During Every Season

Next year doesn’t have to mean next summer — and the beginning of the year is actually a perfect time to come. While the Northern Hemisphere is still experiencing winter, Belize is perfectly tropical and on the tail end of lobster season. But that’s the case practically all year long. While the rainy season extends from June through November, the rains tend to come as evening and morning showers rather than severe storms. And from Baron Bliss Festival and Easter festivities through the Spring or the vast Independence Day and Carnival events that cover almost the entirety of August, there’s always a major festival on the horizon.

Belize Vacations 2022

A Place You Can Feel at Home

The language and cultural barrier can be one of the most intimidating aspects of traveling abroad for many tourists, but Belize offers opportunities to immerse yourself right in the Caribbean’s melting pot of cultures without having to worry about anything bad happening. English is the native language throughout the country, and American dollars are accepted at many places in addition to the Belizean dollar. In other words, you can generally feel free to travel wherever you want without worry. That — along with generous benefits offered to immigrants — has made it a popular choice for Americans and other westerners to retire or even work remotely. The universally beautiful views and more laid-back approach to life can be a refreshingly therapeutic alternative to modern living elsewhere. And since direct flights from North America to Belize are quite common, you’ll never be too far from home.

Countless Worlds to Explore

Belize Travel 2022

Both the Belize Barrier Reef and the stunning diving spot known as the Blue Hole regularly appear on lists of the world’s most stunning marine landmarks, and they can be explored via one of the many hundreds of cayes that border the mainland. But you can have just as enthralling a time without even getting near the Caribbean Sea. While the western Cayo District is particularly known for its gorgeous jungles and rich interior habitats, you’ll find jaw-dropping stretches of scenery worth exploring all over the countryside. Whether it’s exploring the Actun Tunichil Muknal — a cave which the Mayas believed was a gateway to the afterlife — or hiking through the world’s first jaguar sanctuary at Cockscomb Basin, there’s no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had.

The Best Place to Stay In Belize in 2022

visit Belize in 2022

There’s a lot of ground — and water — to cover in Belize, but there’s only one resort that will offer you the best access to everything and the celebrity treatment throughout your whole stay. San Ignacio Resort Hotel is right in the center of the major town of San Ignacio, and it offers easy access to nature reserves, ancient Maya sites, and caves. It even has a landmark all its own thanks to the Iguana Conservation Project being stationed on the property.

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